CUI Devices CFM-80x Series 80mm x 80mm DC Axial Fans

CUI Devices CFM-80x Series 80mm x 80mm DC Axial Fans feature 2000RPM to 7000RPM rated speed, 12VDC to 24VDC rated voltage range, and up to 0.75A input current rating. These axial fans have a dual ball-bearing or omniCOOL™ system construction for maximum reliability. The series offers standard auto-restart protection and an 80mm x 80mm frame size. CFM-80x fans have multiple speed options and tachometer signals available. CUI Devices CFM-80x DC Axial Fans are ideal for IT and telecommunications equipment, medical devices, and industrial applications.


  • Dual ball-bearing or omniCOOL system construction
  • Multiple speed options
  • Tachometer signal available
  • Auto-restart protection


  • IT and telecommunications equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Industrial


  • 80mm x 80mm frame dimensions
  • 2000RPM to 7000RPM rated speed
  • 12VDC to 24VDC rated voltage range
  • Up to 0.75A input current rating
  • 10MΩ minimum insulation resistance
  • -10°C to +70°C operating temperature range


Inilathala: 2021-12-01 | Na-update: 2023-04-03