Bergquist Company TGF 3000SF 3.0W/m-K, Sil-Free Gap Filler

Bergquist TGF 3000SF 3.0W/m-K, Sil-Free Gap Filler is a two-part, silicone-free liquid TIM gap filler that provides thermal conductivity of 3.0W/m-K. The filler also offers a fast dispense rate conducive to mass production environments and high dielectric strength for outstanding electrical performance. Bergquist TGF 3000SF 3.0W/m-K, Sil-Free Gap Filler offers high-reliability performance, no concerns of silicone contamination, and low stress on sensitive components. This material can be used in multiple applications, including industrial automation/power conversion, automotive electronics, and computers/peripherals.


  • 3.0W/m-K thermal conductivity
  • Dispensable liquid, 2K silicone-free gap filler
  • Room temperature cure, no oven required
  • High thermal performance up to +100°C
  • Extremely high dispense rate, equipment dependent
  • Low compression stress during assembly
  • High reliability
  • No outgassing interference
  • High throughput
  • 1:1 mixing ratio
  • UL 94V-0 rated
  • Halogen free and RoHS compliant


  • Power/industrial automation
    • Power inverters
    • SMD power switching
    • EV chargers
  • Automotive
    • Audio amplification
    • Infotainment systems
    • Power conversion
  • Electronics
    • Memory
    • SOC
    • High thermal ICs dissipation required


  • 74 hardness (shore 00)
  • >10kV/mm dielectric strength
  • -40°C to +100°C application temperature range
  • Room temperature storage
  • Full cure in 3 hours at +85°C
  • 6-month shelf life
  • 1.5cc/second dispense rate
  • >12-hour working time
  • 3.0g/cc density
  • 1008Ω-m volume resistivity


Inilathala: 2021-10-09 | Na-update: 2023-03-07