ISSI IS31FL3731/C Audio Modulated LED Drivers

ISSI IS31FL3731 and IS31FL3731C Audio Modulated LED Drivers are members of ISSI's FxLED line of "fun light" drivers, designed to bring an attractive multi-color aspect to any application. These compact LED drivers are pre-programmed for RGB color-effect lighting and animation functions. The pre-programmed functions are accessed via a fast 1MHz I2C compatible interface with robust EMI performance, which reduces microcontroller demand, enhances performance, and improves battery life. 

The IS31FL3732 and IS31FL3732C drivers support two arrays of 72 LEDs, for a total of 144 LEDs, which can be individually dimmed in 256 steps (8-bit) with 1/9 cycle rate. The signals to drive all 144 LEDs are multiplexed to a reduced count of 18 that requires fewer traces and optimizes PCB space. The IS31FL3732 / IS31FL3732C drivers integrate 8 frames of memory, which can be displayed with programmable time delays to create LED matrix animations. For an extra dimension of animation, analog inputs such as audio signals can be used to modulate the LED display intensity.

IS31FL3732 / IS31FL3732C drivers also allow multiple ICs to be synchronized without additional external components for applications such as Bluetooth® speakers, internet gaming peripheral devices, white good appliances, toys, and personal electronics. The device’s operating voltage of 2.7V to 5.5V over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C offers individual blink, on/off control, 256 step global current control, and auto intensity breathing during the switching of different frames. ISSI IS31FL3731 and IS31FL3731C LED Drivers are available in QFN-28 (4mm × 4mm) and SSOP-28 packages.


  • Audio modulated display adds extra dimension to lighting
    • LED frames displayed can be modulated with audio signal intensity
    • LED light intensity can be modulated with audio signal intensity
  • 2.7V to 5.5V supply voltage range
  • 400kHz I2C-compatible interface
  • 0.77Vcc threshold logic high control (IS31FL3731C)
  • 0.2Vcc threshold logic low control (IS31FL3731C)
  • 144 LEDs in dot matrix
  • Individual blink control
  • 8 frames memory for animations
  • Picture mode and animation mode
  • Auto intensity breathing during the switching of different frames
  • -40ºC to +85ºC operating temperature range
  • QFN-28 (4mm × 4mm) and SSOP-28 package


  • RGB LED event status indicator for smartphones, appliances, portable devices
  • Functional lighting in white goods
  • Gaming platforms and slot machines
  • Logo LED highlighting
  • Automobile accent lighting
  • General backlighting of small format displays
  • RGB LED color generation and mixing for ambient lighting
  • Toys with color LED output capability
Inilathala: 2016-11-03 | Na-update: 2022-12-30