Nexperia eMode GaN FETs

Nexperia eMode GaN FETs come in a voltage range from 100V to 650V with superior switching performance. These GaN FETs offer fast transition capabilities through their low QC and QOSS values, resulting in excellent power efficiency.

Nexperia Low Voltage (<200V) eMode GaN FETs deliver optimum flexibility in power systems. These devices enable faster charging for e-mobility and wired / wireless changing systems as well as significant space and BOM savings in LiDAR and lower noise in Class D audio amplifiers.

Nexperia High Voltage (200V-650V) eMode GaN FETs deliver optimum flexibility in power systems and are ideal for mid-power applications <1kW. These devices bring improved efficiency to 650V AC/DC and DC/AC power conversion. As well as bringing significant space and BOM savings in BLDC and micro servo motor drives or LED drivers.


  • Enhancement mode - normally-off power switch
  • Ultra high-frequency switching capability
  • No body diode
  • Low gate charge, low output charge
  • High efficiency and high power density
  • Qualified for standard applications
  • ESD protection
  • Lead free, RoHS and REACH compliant


  • High power density and high-efficiency power conversion
  • AC-to-DC converters
  • Fast battery charging, mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and USB Type-C™ chargers
  • Datacom and telecom (AC-to-DC and DC-to-DC) converters
  • Motor drives
  • Class D audio amplifiers


Inilathala: 2023-05-01 | Na-update: 2024-04-10